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Dr. Alain Rannou

Dr. Alain Rannou

Dr. Alain Rannou is currently Deputy Director of Radiological Protection and Health in the Radiation Protection Division within the French Institute of Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety (IRSN). His present role as Senior expert is to manage radiological assessments and to provide technical support to the competent authorities.

He holds Masters degrees in Physics and Geology, and a PhD in Geophysics.

Dr. Rannou has previously served at IRSN as Head of the Department of Radiological Protection Expertise (4 years), and as Head of the Department of Dosimetry (12 years). His professional experience of more than 25 years as a researcher and a team leader includes both research and expertise in the field of radiation protection. He carried out R&D activities on radon issues (metrology, dosimetry), managed the national survey of natural radiation exposure of the public in France, and managed and coordinated R&D activities in external and internal dosimetry.

He is the Chairman of Sub-Committee SC2 (Radiation protection) of ISO since 2009.

He received the Dr. and Mme Peyre Prize of the French Academy of Sciences in 1989, and the Special award Radon of the American Nuclear Society in 1990.

Dr. Rannou has been a member of the French delegation to UNSCEAR since 1995 and head of delegation for its fifty-sixth (2008), fifty-seventh (2010), fifty-ninth (2012) and sixty-first (2014) sessions.

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