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Dr. Emil Bédi

Dr. Emil Bédi
Vice-Chair for sixtieth and sixty-first sessions

Dr. Emil Bédi is Senior Radiation Protection Officer at the Slovak Public Health Authority. He is a nuclear physicist with a degree received at Comenius University Bratislava in 1984.

Following a career in nuclear science aimed at measuring low-level radioactivity and monitoring of radioactive noble gases in nuclear facilities, Dr. Bédi joined the Department of Radiation Protection at the Slovak Public Health Authority. He is responsible for regulatory activities related to the decommissioning of nuclear facilities, radioactive waste management and disposal of radioactive waste in Slovakia.

Since 2004 he is responsible for the implementation of EURATOM articles 35 and 36 in the Slovak Republic and since 2011 he serves as the head of the radiation monitoring network, which is the national coordination unit with responsibilities of monitoring radiation in the environment, evaluation of doses to the public, and management of radiation emergency situations in the Slovak Republic.

Dr. Bédi has been the Representative of the Slovak Republic since 2004.

Last updated: Monday, 21 January 2013