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Dr. John Hunt

Vice-Chairman for the sixty-second and sixty-third sessions

Dr. John Hunt is the head of the Dosimetry division of the Instituto de RadioproteĆ§Ć£o e Dosimetria (IRD), part of the Brazilian Nuclear Regulatory Agency CNEN.

He holds a degree in Physics and a PhD (1998) in biophysics from the Rio de Janeiro State University.

Dr. Hunt has worked in the areas of occupational radiation protection, environmental radiation protection, individual monitoring, dosimetry and emergency planning and preparedness. He also lectures at the IRD masters and PhD courses in radiation protection.

From 2005 to 2010 Dr. Hunt worked at the IAEA in the area of occupational radiation protection, and is also a member of the ICRP task group DOCAL dealing with dose calculations.

Dr. Hunt has been the Representative of Brazil to UNSCEAR since its sixtieth session (2013).

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