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Dr. Jean-Rene Jourdain

Dr. Jean-Rene Jourdain

Dr. Jean-Rene Jourdain serves as Deputy Director of International Affairs at the French Institute for Radiological Protection and Nuclear Safety (IRSN) since May 2017. He has previously held positions as radiopharmacist in several Parisian hospitals (1992-1999), pharmacist in charge of doping issues at the French Ministry of Youth and Sports (1999-2000), head of the IRSN's internal dose assessment and modelling laboratory (2000-2003), head of the IRSN's internal dosimetry department (2003-2008), representative of the IRSN's director of radiological protection in charge of international partnerships and cross-departmental activities (2008-2012), and deputy director of radiological protection and health at IRSN (2012-2017).

Dr. Jourdain received a PhD in radiobiology and radiopathology (1997), a doctorate in pharmacy (1996), and a master degree in health law (1994) from the University of Paris, France.

Dr. Jourdain was an expert of the European HLEG on low-dose risk research in 2008-2009, he was the leader of the DoReMi work package on non-cancer effects and is the coordinator of the EC-funded OPERRA project (2013-2017). In the context of the DoReMi project (2010-2016), he organized exploratory workshops aiming to identify the key questions concerning low-dose radiation-induced vascular defects and lens opacities, and propose future research lines. As a coordinator of the OPERRA project, one of his major tasks was to implement two research calls for European projects in radiation protection. Also, he is a member of the Management Board and the Executive Board of the EC-funded CONCERT H2020 project (2015-2020).

Other professional activities of Dr. Jourdain include being the Chairman of the Working Group on Nuclear and Radiological Threats within the Global Health Security Initiative bringing together Ministries and Secretaries of Health from G7 countries (2007-2014) and Chairman of an UNSCEAR expert group in charge of assessing doses and health effects in workers involved in the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear facilities.

Dr. Jourdain has been member of the French delegation to UNSCEAR since 2008 and is the representative of France for the sixty-fourth session, 2017.

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