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Dr. Pradeepkumar K.S.

Dr. Pradeepkumar K.S.

Dr. Pradeepkumar K.S. has been Head of the Radiation Safety Systems Division since 2013, and additionally Associate Director of the Health, Safety and Environment Group of Bhabha Atomic Research Centre in Mumbai, India, since 2015.

Dr. Pradeepkumar holds an M.Sc in Nuclear Physics and a PhD in "Assessment of  Radiological Impact due to atmospheric releases of radionuclides from Nuclear reactors".

After completing a one-year nuclear orientation course in 1982, he has worked as Health physicist, and has held several positions as Head and Manager in Radiation Emergency. In these functions, he was dealing with assessment of radiological impact due to discharges from nuclear facilities during routine operations as well as for accident scenarios. Later on, as Emergency Response Director, he became responsible for developing capacities for response to nuclear and radiological emergencies in India.

He is currently President of the Indian Association of Radiation Protection (IARP); and member of the Indian Association of Nuclear Society.

Dr. Pradeepkumar has been a member of the Indian delegation to UNSCEAR since 2014 and representative of India for the 62nd (2015), the 64th (2017) and the 65th sessions (2018).

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