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Dr. Leif Moberg

Dr. Leif Moberg
Rapporteur for fifty-ninth session

Dr. Leif Moberg completed his PhD in physics at the Stockholm University in 1982.

He joined the Swedish Radiation Protection Authority (SSI) in 1977 and has had a number of positions in the field of radiation protection, supervision as well as research, including positions as radiation protection officer, head of the radiochemistry laboratory, principal scientist in radioecology and research director. After the merger of the SSI and the Swedish Nuclear Power Inspectorate into the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority, Dr. Moberg held positions as Head of the Department for International Affairs and as Research Director. After the Chernobyl accident Dr. Moberg was responsible for the research follow-up in Sweden, in particular the implementation of research financed by the authority.

He has been involved in the implementation of a number of multinational European Commission-supported research projects, all dealing with various aspects of radioactivity in the environment, and in the Chernobyl Forum Expert Group 'Environment'.

Dr. Moberg has been a member of the Commission on Safety Standards (IAEA), and the Board of the Nordic Nuclear Safety Research (NKS). He has also been expert and consultant in a number of working groups at IAEA, EU and OECD/NEA.

Dr. Moberg has been a member of the Swedish delegation to UNSCEAR during its 44 th to 49 th and 52 nd to 59 th sessions, for the last two sessions as head of the Swedish delegation.

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