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Dr. Norman E. Gentner

Dr. Norman Elwood Gentner
Chair for 56th and 57th sessions

Dr. Norman Elwood Gentner was in the Health and Environmental Sciences Division of Atomic Energy of Canada Limited (AECL), as Senior Science Adviser (1993-2001) and Manager of AECL's Biological Sciences programme (1989-1993). He commenced his research career there, and was AECL's technical expert on health effects of ionizing radiation.

In 1963 he received his Bachelor's degree in Biochemistry. In 1964, he received High Honours in Biochemistry. For graduate work, he proceeded to the University of California at Davis, where he was the recipient of a Regent's Fellowship. After he had completed his doctoral thesis (Ph.D) in 1967 he became a Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of California and at Stanford University School of Medicine.

From 2001 to 2005, Dr. Gentner worked for the United Nations, serving as Secretary of UNSCEAR. He has worked as an expert for IAEA and WHO projects and served as an observer to the Radiation Safety Standards Committee of the IAEA, to Committee 1 of the International Commission on Radiological Protection and to OECD's Nuclear Energy Agency Committee on Radiation Protection and Public Health.

Dr. Gentner had been a member of the Canadian delegation to UNSCEAR since 1989 and became head of the delegation in 2005. He served as Rapporteur for the 53rd session, as Vice-Chairman for the 54th and 55th sessions and as Chair for the 56th and 57th sessions.

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