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UNSCEAR 2001 Report

Hereditary Effects of Radiation

United Nations Scientific Committee on the Effects of Atomic Radiation
UNSCEAR 2001 Report to the General Assembly, with Scientific Annex

In this 2001 Report, the United Nations Scientific Committee on the Effects of Atomic Radiation has completed a comprehensive review of the hereditary risks to offspring following parental exposure to radiation. This report includes an evaluation of those diseases that have both hereditary and environmental components, the so-called multifactorial diseases. The new information presented in this report suggests that radiation is less likely to have adverse genetic effects than had been assumed. This report provides a unique scientific basis for estimating radiation risk, establishing radiation protection and safety standards and regulating radiation sources for governments and organizations throughout the world.


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  • Introduction
  • I: The Human Genome
  • II: Mendelian Diseases
  • III: Multifactorial Diseases
  • IV: The Mutation Component for Genetic Diseases
  • V: Cancer Predisposition, Radiosensitivity, and the Risk of Radiation-Induced Cancers
  • VI: Other Relevant Studies
  • VII: Concepts, Data and Analysis Used for the Estimation of Genetic Risks
  • VIII: Risk Estimates
  • Summary and Conclusions

Report to the General Assembly (3 pages) PDF

Scientific Annex:
Hereditary effects of radiation (156 pages) PDF

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