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Fukushima 2015 White Paper

Developments since the 2013 UNSCEAR Report on the levels and effects of radiation exposure due to the nuclear accident following the great east-Japan earthquake and tsunami

A 2015 White Paper to guide the Scientific Committee's future programme of work

This White Paper is part of the Committee's ongoing effort to systematically monitor and evaluate new information that has emerged since the launch of its 2013 Report on the Fukushima-Daiichi accident. It presents a sound analysis of relevant, new scientific information from October 2012 to December 2014, to identify whether it materially affected conclusions of that report or if it addressed research needs that had been identified. About 80 publications were reviewed by an expert group and the 2013 Report's conclusions were borne out. The thematic areas covered were: releases and dispersion for the atmosphere and marine environment; evaluations of doses for the public and workers; health implications for the workers and the public; and doses and effects for non-human biota.

UNSCEAR 2015 White Paper (1.3 MB)


Executive Summary, Main Text and Appendix


Attachment 1: Power calculations for epidemiological studies that underpin the commentary on health implications in the 2013 Fukushima report

Attachment 2: Development of isodose maps representing annual external exposure in Japan as a function of time

Animation: Animated map of the projected isodose curves for an annual effective dose of 1 mSv from external exposure (GIF file)



東日本大震災後の原子力事故による放射線被ばくのレベルと影響に関するUNSCEAR 2013年報告書刊行後の進展




要旨, 本文及び付属書 (2015年に翻訳された日本語版における 誤訳が修正されています)


補足資料 1: 2013年福島報告書での健康影響に関する考察の根拠となる疫学調査における検出力計算

補足資料 2: 日本における経時的な年間外部被ばく線量を表す等線量図の進展

動画: 外部被ばくによる年間実効線量が1mSvになると予測される等線量曲線の変化 (GIFファイル)




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