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Dr. Laurence Lebaron-Jacobs

Dr. Laurence Lebaron-Jacobs

Dr. Laurence Lebaron-Jacobs has been working at the Life Sciences Division at the French Atomic Energy Commission (CEA) since 2002.

She studied external dosimetry and radiobiology at the Paris XI University, where she obtained her PhD degree in radiobiology - radiopathology in 1994. She received an MD degree from Pierre et Marie Curie University in 1996.

During her PhD at the Institute of Protection and Nuclear Safety (IPSN), she was involved in a project of real-time external dosimetry aboard the MIR Russian orbital station. From 1995 to 2001, she worked at the IPSN in the areas of medical management of irradiated victims and research related to effects of ionizing radiation (gamma, heavy ions) on the central nervous system.

Dr. Lebaron-Jacobs is currently a senior expert in the field of radiobiology, radiopathology and radiotoxicology. She is an expert for the European Space Agency (ESA). She coordinates national criticality exercises between clinical biochemistry services of French nuclear sites (assessment of neutron dose).

She has been the Vice Chair of the Article 31 Expert group of the European Commission since 2014, and a member of the American Nuclear Society and of the French Society of Radiation Protection.

Dr. Lebaron-Jacobs has been a member of the French delegation to UNSCEAR since 2010 and the representative of France for its fifty-eighth (2011), sixtieth (2013), sixty-second sessions (2015), sixty-third session (2016), sixty-sixth session (2019) and sixty-seventh (2020).

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