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  Marina Di Giorgio

Marina Di Giorgio

Ms. Marina Di Giorgio is working at the Nuclear Regulatory Authority of Argentina, responsible for the biological dosimetry, radiopathology and internal dosimetry laboratories, and technical director of the biological dosimetry and internal dosimetry laboratories.

Ms. Di Giorgio graduated in Biological Science from the Faculty of Exact and Natural Sciences - Buenos Aires University (UBA) Argentina and post-graduated in Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety from the Faculty of Engineering, UBA. She is specialized in genetics, radiobiology and cytogenetic dosimetry.

Ms. Di Giorgio joined the National Atomic Energy Commission of Argentina in 1986 and the Nuclear Regulatory Authority in 1997. She has worked as the Argentine counterpart of various IAEA regional courses and is regular lecturer, on Biodosimetry and Radiobiology subjects, at the international IAEA Postgraduate Educational Course in Radiation Protection and the Safety of Radiation Sources and Postgraduate Course in Nuclear Safety.

She is in charge of the expert team for the assistance in Biodosimetry in case of radiological accidents/incidents under the IAEA-RANET system, the Latin American Biological Dosimetry Network and the WHO-BioDose Network. She is also reviewer for Radiation Measurements Journal.

Ms. Di Giorgio has been a member of the Argentine delegation to UNSCEAR for the 58 th and since the 60 th  session.

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