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Sarah Baatout

Dr. Sarah Baatout

Dr. Sarah Baatout is head of the radiobiology unit at the Belgian Nuclear Research Centre (SCK•CEN) in Mol, Belgium. The unit evaluates the potential risks of ionizing radiation on health and conducts radiation risk assessments for occupational, accidental, medical, or space radiation exposure through high throughput molecular and cellular technologies. The work is performed in close collaboration with the European Commission, the European Space Agency, Belgian and European Universities as well as hospitals and research institutes.

Dr. Baatout graduated in biology in 1990 from the Catholic University of Louvain, Belgium, and then received a PhD in biochemistry (field: oncology). She is a guest-professor in radiation protection, radiobiology and space biology in 3 Belgian Universities (Ghent, Namur, Leuven).

In 2018, Dr. Baatout received the BeSpace personality of the year award and was recognized by Femmes d'Aujourdhui as one of the 85 women that make Belgium move. She went in winter 2017-2018 to the Belgian Princess Elisabeth station in Antarctica to conduct space-related health studies in extreme environment.

Dr. Baatout is member of the ionizing radiation section of the High Council for Health, Secretary-treasurer of the European Radiation Research Society and chair of the Belgian Hadrontherapy Consortium.

Dr. Baatout has been member of the Belgian delegation since the sixty session in 2013 and alternate representative since the sixty-fifth session in 2018.



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