Officers of UNSCEAR

The Committee elects five officers (a Chair, 3 Vice-Chairs and a Rapporteur) to serve for normally two UNSCEAR sessions. Before 2015, it elected only 1 Vice-Chair.

Years Session Chair Vice-Chair(s) Rapporteur
1956 1 C.E. Eddy (Australia) C. Chagas (Brazil)  -
1956 2 C. Chagas (Brazil) Z. Bacq (Belgium)  -
1957-1958 3-4 Z. Bacq (Belgium) E.A.Watkinson (Canada)  -
1958-1959 5-6 R. Sievert (Sweden) V.R. Khanolkar (India)  -
1960 7 R. Sievert (Sweden) E.E. Pochin (U.K.)  -
1960-1961 8-9 M. Martínez-Báez (Mexico) F. Hercik (Czechoslovakia)  -
1961-1962 10-11 F. Hercik (Czechoslovakia) K. Tsukamoto (Japan)  -
1963 12-13 D. Beninson (Argentina) M.E. El-Kharadly (Egypt)  -
1964-1965 14-15 D.J. Stevens (Australia) A. Gopal Ayengar (India)  -
1966-1967 16-17 A. Gopal Ayengar (India) G.C. Butler (Canada)  -
1968-1969 18-19 G.C.Butler (Canada) Bo Lindell (Sweden) V. Zelený (Czechoslovakia)
1970 20 Bo Lindell (Sweden) V. Zelený (Czechoslovakia) L.R. Caldas (Brazil)
1971 21 Bo Lindell (Sweden) F.H. Sobels (Belgium) L.R. Caldas (Brazil)
1972 22 L.R. Caldas (Brazil) F.H. Sobels (Belgium) A. Nelson (Sweden)
1974 23 L.R. Caldas (Brazil) F.H. Sobels (Belgium) C. Acevedo (Peru)
1975-1976 24-25 F.H. Sobels (Belgium) M. Klímek (Czechoslovakia) Z. Jaworowski (Poland)
1977-1978 26-27 M. Klímek (Czechoslovakia) F. Stieve (Germany) K. Sundaram (India)
1979-1980 28-29 F. Stieve (Germany) Z. Jaworowski (Poland) D. Beninson (Argentina)
1981-1982 30-31 Z. Jaworowski (Poland) D. Beninson (Argentina) T. Kumatori (Japan)
1983-1984 32-33 D. Beninson (Argentina) T. Kumatori (Japan) A. Hidayatalla (Sudan)
1985-1986 34-35 T. Kumatori (Japan) A. Kaul (Germany) A. Hidayatalla (Sudan)
1987-1988 36-37 Bo Lindell (Sweden) K. Lokan (Australia) J. Maisin (Belgium)
1989-1990 38-39 K. Lokan (Australia) J. Maisin (Belgium) E. Létourneau (Canada)
1991-1992 40-41 J. Maisin (Belgium) E. Létourneau (Canada) L. Pinillos-Ashton (Peru)
1993-1994 42-43 E. Létourneau (Canada) L.V. Pinillos-Ashton (Peru) G. Bengtsson (Sweden)
1995-1996 44-45 L.V. Pinillos-Ashton (Peru) A. Kaul (Germany) G. Bengtsson (Sweden)
1997-1998 46-47 A. Kaul (Germany) L.E. Holm (Sweden) J. Lipsztein (Brazil)
1999-2000 48-49 L.E. Holm (Sweden) J. Lipsztein (Brazil) Y. Sasaki (Japan)
2001-2003 50-51 J. Lipsztein (Brazil) Y. Sasaki (Japan) R. Chatterjee (Canada)
2004 52 Y. Sasaki (Japan) R.M. Chatterjee (Canada) P. Burns (Australia)
2005 53 Y. Sasaki (Japan) P. Burns (Australia) N. Gentner (Canada)
2006 54 P. Burns (Australia) N. Gentner (Canada) C. Streffer (Germany)
2007 55 P. Burns (Australia) N. Gentner (Canada) W. Weiss (Germany)
2008-2010 56-57 N. Gentner (Canada) W. Weiss (Germany) M.A. Gomaa (Egypt)
2011 58 W. Weiss (Germany) C.-M. Larsson (Australia) M.A. Gomaa (Egypt)
2012 59 W. Weiss (Germany) C.-M. Larsson (Australia) L. Moberg (Sweden)
2013 60 C.-M. Larsson (Australia) E. Bédi (Slovakia) Y. Yonekura (Japan)
2014 61 C.-M. Larsson (Australia) Y. Yonekura (Japan) M. Waligórski (Poland)
2015-2016 62-63 Y. Yonekura (Japan) J. Hunt (Brazil)
P. Jacob (Germany)
H. Vanmarcke (Belgium)
M. Waligórski (Poland)
2017-2018 64-65 H. Vanmarcke (Belgium) P. Jacob (Germany)
P. Thompson (Canada)
M. Waligórski (Poland)
G. Hirth (Australia)
2019 66 G. Hirth (Australia) Jing Chen (Canada)
Anna Friedl (Germany)
Jin Kyung Lee (ROK)
Ingemar Lund (Sweden)
2020   67    G. Hirth (Australia) Jing Chen (Canada)  
Anna Friedl (Germany)  
Jin Kyung Lee (ROK)
Anssi Auvinen (Finland)
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