UNSCEAR's Global Survey on Public Exposure at the side event of the IAEA International Radiation Safety Conference

On 13 November 2020, during a virtual event, as part of the IAEA  International Conference on Radiation Safety, the UNSCEAR secretariat and collaborating international organizations provided insights and guidance to over 200 participants from around the world into the purpose, scope and mode of operation of the UNSCEAR Global Survey on Public Exposure and the use of the UNSCEAR online platform for data collection and analysis.

Panelists at the UNSCEAR side event (from left to right: J. Brown, IAEA; B. Batandjieva-Metcalf and F. Shannoun, UNSCEAR; C.M. Blackburn, IAEA/FAO) (Photo: M. Zimmermann, UNSCEAR)

The full programme and the presentations are available here:

Introduction and background (B. Batandjieva-Metcalf, UNSCEAR)

UNSCEAR's surveys on exposure to ionizing radiation - including practical demonstration of the online platform (F. Shannoun, UNSCEAR)

UNSCEAR's evaluation on public exposure form natural and man-made source of ionizing radiation (M. Balonov, UNSCEAR)

IAEA's activities on evaluation of public exposure (J. Brown, IAEA)

UNSCEAR's ad hoc working group on sources and exposure: strategies to improve the data collection for UNSCEAR surveys (J. Chen, UNSCEAR)

The Brazilian experience in collecting data for UNSCEAR surveys (L. Vasconcellos de Sá, Brazil)

UAE's experiences with data collection of past UNSCEAR surveys (J. Alsuwaidi, United Arab Emirates)

Members States experience with data collection - USA (V. Holahan, United States of America)


Last updated: Saturday, 23 January 2021