Biographies of Representatives and Alternates

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Zohra Lounis-Mokrani

Dr. Lounis-Mokrani is the Director General of Algiers Nuclear Research Center (CRNA), since 2020.

She graduated in radiation physics from University of Science and Technology HOUARI BOUMEDIENNE (USTHB), Algeria in 1988, received a master degree in Radiation Protection from Radiation Protection and Safety Center, Algeria in 1991, and obtained a doctoral degree in nuclear physics from the USTHB University, Algeria in 2006.

She started working early in 1991 at Radiation Protection and Safety Center (Algiers) as research scientist in the external dosimetry Laboratory.

Dr. Lounis-Mokrani held several research positions in Algiers Nuclear Research Center since 1999. She was head of Ionizing Radiation Dosimetry Laboratory since 2003 and later head of Radiological physics division (2006; 2017). Her research activities and expertise are in the areas of external and internal dosimetry, radiation effects, radiation protection and management, radiation health risk and assessment of radiation exposures. As national expert researcher, she is member of Algerian Scientific Committee of Radiological and Nuclear Safety in charge of evaluating the radiation exposures and their effects on human (workers, patient and public) and the environment.

Dr. Lounis-Mokrani has worked as a consultant, lecturer and occupational dosimetry expert for International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

Dr. Lounis-Mokrani was the observer of Algeria to UNSCEAR for its 65th to 68th sessions. She is the representative since the 69th session in 2022.

Alternate representative

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Mounir Aït-Ziane

Dr. Mounir Aït-Ziane is the Director of the Operational Radiation Protection Division at the Nuclear Research Centre of Algeria (CRNA).

Dr. Aït-Ziane holds a BSc degree in the field of radiation physics, a MSc degree in nuclear physics and a PhD in nuclear physics from Houari Boumedien University of Science and Technologies, Bab-Ezzouar, Algeria.

His main fields of scientific interest are occupational and public exposure, internal and external dosimetry, radiation protection around medical, industrial and research facilities. He is a radiation protection expert and a member of the scientific committee at the CRNA.

Dr. Aït-Ziane joined the Algerian delegation to UNSCEAR as alternate representative in 2023.