Biographies of Representatives and Alternates

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Siarhei Sychyk

Dr. Siarhei Sychyk is Director of the National Scientific Practical Center of Hygiene, a scientific and technical supporting organization on health protection and radiation safety for the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus. He has worked at the Belorussian State Medical University and headed the Department at the Ministry of Health. His main areas of expertise are radiation protection, dose assessment, radiation health consequences.

Dr. Sychyk holds a Ph.D in Medical Sciences in the field of radiation hygiene «Health of children are exposed in utero after Chernobyl accident».

Dr. Sychyk has scientific experience in the field of radiation medicine and relevant scientific publications in supervised areas of scientific research. He leads research investigations and technical projects on the radiation safety in the Republic of Belarus, preparing analytical and national reports for the national and international community, represents the Republic of Belarus in international organizations.

Dr. Sychyk is the representative of the Republic of Belarus to UNSCEAR for its 70th session in 2023.

Alternate representative

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Alena Nikalayenka