Biographies of Representatives and Alternates

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Muhammad Usman

Mr. Muhammad USMAN is the Regional Head at one of the eight regional offices of Pakistan Nuclear Regulatory Authority (PNRA) where he is responsible to issue licenses, grant authorizations, conduct inspections, enforce regulations, and impart training to licensees. He received his Master degree in Physics from University of the Punjab, Lahore in 1999 and holds IAEA’s Post Graduate Educational Course in Radiation Protection and Safe Use of Radiation Sources passed with distinction from University Kenbangsaan Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur in 2004. He was a lecturer in Physics before joining PNRA in 2003. His fields of interest are Radiation Protection, Evaluation of Occupational Exposure Records, and Regulatory Control of Facilities and Activities.

Mr. Usman has worked, as a professional regulator, in the field of nuclear safety and radiation protection for more than 20 years. He has worked in all core regulatory domains at PNRA including development of regulatory framework; licensing; review and assessment; inspections and enforcement; as well as emergency preparedness and response. He has also worked as Resident Inspector at Chashma NPP Site. He is expert in evaluation national infrastructure for radiation, transport and waste safety based on thematic safety areas.

Mr. Usman has worked with IAEA on review of various draft safety standards and preparation of training material for the workshop on safety regulations. He is also engaged as an expert for the capacity building of various member states for the last many years.

Mr. Muhammad Usman has been designated as National Contact Person for data collection and Representative of Pakistan to UNSCEAR since the seventieth session in 2023.