Webinar on Medical Exposure to Ionizing Radiation

The UNSCEAR 2020/2021 Report, Annex A “Evaluation of Medical Exposure to Ionizing Radiation” presents the latest Committee’s global estimate of world-wide medical exposure over the period 2009-2018 based on frequency of examination and dose data of patients as part of their diagnosis or treatment. The main source of data was the UNSCEAR Global Survey, which collects information about the worldwide practice arising from the diagnostic and therapeutic uses of ionizing radiation in medicine. The UNSCEAR Global Survey was conducted together with the World Health Organization through the establishment of arrangements for cooperation.

The webinar was aimed at experts, medical professionals, and decision makers from scientific, research, regulatory, and diplomatic communities of the United Nations Member States and international organizations. It presented the key findings and trends of the recently published scientific annex (May 2022).

The United Nations Scientific Committee on the Effects of Atomic Radiation (UNSCEAR) was established by the United Nations General Assembly in 1955 to independently assess and report on the levels and effects of exposure to ionizing radiation. Governments and international organizations throughout the world use the Committee’s estimates as the scientific basis for evaluating radiation risk and for deciding on protective measures.

The Committee has regularly provided information on medical exposure since its inception (first report in 1958), and it has been estimating global exposure by reviewing the literature and conducting global surveys in cooperation with the World Health Organization. These surveys aimed to acquire new data on medical exposure in addition to those in the published literature.

Proceedings of the webinar

Thank you very much for your participation.

The online presentation was followed by a Panel discussion attended by over 240 experts worldwide.



Dr Ferid Shannoun

Deputy Secretary of UNSCEAR

Dr Emilie van Deventer

Head Radiation and Health Unit, WHO

1. Introduction

Ms Borislava Batandjieva-Metcalf

Secretary of UNSCEAR

Dr Maria Neira

Director Department of Environment, Climate Change and Health, WHO

2. Presentation of the UNSCEAR Report 2020/2021, Annex A “Evaluation of Medical Exposure to Ionizing Radiation”

Dr Ferid Shannoun

Deputy Secretary of UNSCEAR

Dr Peter Thomas

Chair Medical Expert Group, Australia

3. Questions and Answers

Dr Peter Thomas

Chair of the medical exposure expert group and lead writer of the medical exposure annex, Australia

Dr Elke Nekolla

Lead writer of the methodology and uncertainty appendix, Germany

Mr Hannu Jarvinen

Lead writer of the diagnostic radiology appendix, Finland

Dr Elina Samara

Lead writer of the appendix on interventional radiology, Switzerland

Dr Richard Smart

Lead writer of the nuclear medicine appendix, Australia

Dr Geoffrey Ibbott

Lead writer of the radiation therapy appendix, United States